Team Building Programs

According to U.S. News and World Report (August 23, 2012) fitness and sports activities are one on the best bonding experiences for co-workers. These types of activities bring both physical and mental benefits to your employees.

According to David W. Ballard of the American Psychological Association, “Employees have lost weight and report a higher awareness of wellness issues, strengthened sense of community, improved morale, and increased motivation.  The interactions among departments have also led to improved communication, a better understanding of colleagues’ roles, and more effective collaboration.”

FACTS Fitness will create team building exercises tailored to your specific workforce. The key to success is working together and we will help you accomplish this for your team through fitness activities which will be a bonding experience for your group. Team Bonding Activities can include walking and/or running clubs, softball, volleyball, boot camp, group fitness classes such as yoga and more.