Our Award-Winning Fitness Center Design Services will add a unique and individual appeal to your facility whether you have a commercial or corporate fitness center. We offer over 17 years of experience in fitness center design and fitness consultation including commercial fitness facilities and corporate fitness facilities.
We will set up an initial fitness consultation with you to determine the specific needs of your project. Fitness center design fees are discounted with a management or labor contract and would include the following:

• Reviewing space and layout requirements
• Interior fitness center design and equipment selection
• Feasibility study which will help us determine the optimum use of available space
• Demographic Analysis
These steps will maximize your budget as avoiding errors here will determine the functionality and success of a facility.

FACTS Fitness will ensure that your project complies with industry standards and regulations and all services will be performed within defined budgetary constraints. The operational needs and objectives which you and your organization establish are considered. We will work with you during the early phase interface with developers, architects and project managers

Logistics Study and Budgeting
We will work with company management to provide a viability study including per hour staff presence, hours of operation, etc. to give you a clear representation of what is needed to operate the facility properly with the defined budgetary constraints.

Equipment Selection
The equipment selection goes hand in hand with the fitness center design of your facility. An experienced fitness professional can save thousands of dollars for a facility without sacrificing function or quality. We have pre-negotiated commercial equipment pricing which guarantees that you will save thousands of dollars on equipment purchases.

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